Week 3…Check

This week was a lot of writing!!! It felt like I had my own personal blog! I got to write about my own personal experiences and memories, as well as explore my creative side and this theme as I wrote about the Western culture topics.

I also justified my thoughts on Western culture by reading up about the different lingo and characters from that time period. It made me feel like I had submerged myself in a Western novel. Then I actually did put myself in the theme by creating myself as a Western character.

Though it was a lot of writing, it covered a lot of different topics so it didn’t get monotonous. I hope that next week I get to explore some other creative outlets more. But overall, another good week!!

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Learning about Western

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Story Shape

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Meet Mrs. Dean

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Dear Mom

Kelsey Goes Western

A Blog Poem on a Blog

Move Ins, Memories, and Missing Home

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Daily Creates Week 3


Story Shape

I think looking at the “shapes” of stories can give more insight into a reading than what first meets the eye. It shows the highs and lows and the ebbs and flows of the story, like if there was a dramatic ending or a big climax. You can comprehend a little bit of the story before even knowing the name of a character or the setting it takes place in.

I am going to describe the shape of the story “Ice Man’ by Elmore Leonard. The picture below is the shape I envisioned for it. It starts off really high. The main character and bull ride, Victor, is “the man.” He tackles riding thee bulls and him and his friends think they are just too cool.

The story stays steady for a while after that. They go to a bar to drink and celebrate. They are just having a good time and reminiscing.

It begins to go downhill when Victor and his friends have a little altercation with a man that works for the government. He first accuses them of being illegal aliens and Victor fought him back on it. Then he accuses them of drinking underage, which they too combat. Then it takes a huge drop when he arrests them for “mouthing off” but it was really for being Indians.

I guess the shape could be reversed also if a reader found it more entertaining when all the bad stuff was happening. Depends on your preferences.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 2.12.01 PM

Daily Creates Week 3

Learning about Western

When I think of Western I think of all the clichés of the Wild Wild West, the saloons, the cowboys riding horseback shooting guns up in the air, wild animals, and many more. From what I gathered from these resources is that all these imageries are not too off based.

In the “Words of the West,” article on Legends of America, there was a constructed list of popular lingo from that time. I noticed a lot of the quotes were about death and fights. One the first list over half of the quotes include death, guns, fear, and or mobs. Some examples are “Never run a bluff with a six-gun.” – Bat Masterson and “They say I killed six or seven men for snoring. It ain’t true. I only killed one man for snoring.” — John Wesley Hardin. They also seemed to have a good sense of humor revolving around death and shootings like Hardin did in the quote above.

In the “Ice Man” the characters weren’t fighting people but they were fighting bulls. Victor, the main bull rider, and his friends also end of fighting with the law, a battle which they do not win as they do the bullfights. In the Gunsmoke sound archive there’s a plethora of snip-its dealing with guns and vicious fights like “Busted-Up Guns,” “Dangerous Bath,” and “Reluctant Violence.”

Clearly the theme that sticks out to me in all this is the violence. Which makes since if you think about movies like The Lone Ranger, where there is a battle between cowboys and Indians and drunken men firing away shots and aiming them at beer cans. I think the writing styles, as similar to The Lone Ranger (Sorry, it’s the only Western movie I’ve seen), have a somewhat humorous twist to the battles and takedowns. It always seems a little light hearted and entertaining.

I am starting to see that fighting is the “main idea” of this Western culture. There is always an outlaw or a deputy or someone breaking the law or trying to kill someone else. It is definitely an action pact genre.

Move Ins, Memories, and Missing Home

Move-In Day is such a monumental part of the college process. It’s the first day of one of the biggest changes/adjustments in your life and I think a lot of people handle this experience differently. In result, a lot of unique memories and stories are created from this experience. I think its entertaining to see the good, the bad, the ugly of move-in day, because most everyone can relate but most everyone can come away with their own special story from it as well.

For me, moving into college was exciting. I was beyond ready to go and I couldn’t wait to unpack all my stuff and set up my living space. It wasn’t until a not- so special conversation, or so it seemed at the time, with my dad that I realized how much I was truly going to miss home. In this post, I wanted to capture that mome

Assignmnet Link: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/i-like-to-move-it-move-it/

A Blog Poem on a Blog

The dynamic of this assignment enthused me. First and foremost, I LOVE poetry. I love to play with rhyming and patterns within it. This blog is designed to showcase my talents and my identity so I wanted to create an informative piece about my blog to show my creativity and also give insight on how I have chosen to set up my site. It means a lot to me to have a space to explore my creativity so it’s a cool assignment to give the space itself some love.

I constructed the poem so that the rhyme scheme was AA, BB, and CC. Every two lines rhymed with each other. I included all the physical aspects of my blog in it. I included its theme; it’s title, and its colors. Then I read it aloud and posted it onto Sound Cloud. Sound Cloud offers a more creative outlet for the poem as opposed to just reading it off of a word document.

Assignment Link: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/your-blog-in-a-poem/

Kelsey Goes Western

When I saw the assignment for an acrostic poem, I wanted to make it my Western incorporated piece based on the sole reason that I love alliteration in poetry. With my name starting with a K, I immediately thought of Kelsey the Cowgirl, and I wanted to make that my identity for this section particularly.

I appreciated that the assignment called us to upload our poem as a picture on Flickr. It reminded me that there are so many outlets to share my creations. While I knew that, I didn’t realize I could type my poem in a word document and then turn it into a picture. Not only can I create different media outlets but I can intertwine them to deliver my message. It’s a constant learning process. So here is a piece of that process for me. My acrostic poem, “Kelsey the Cowgirl.”

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 11.10.53 PM

Assignment Link: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/your-name-acrostic-poem/

Dear Mom

I chose this writing assignment because as soon as I read the options for this week I immediately thought about how I never thank my mom enough for all that she does. I knew I had to write her. I also knew that there aren’t enough words in the world to show an appreciation for what moms do on a regular basis. So I thought I might as well make it interesting. I wanted to write her a poem to make it a little zestier than a normal thank you letter.

I basically started it off as a normal letter and then put the poem at the end. The poem is called Thank You. I actually sent it to her last night. She was very grateful, but not as grateful as I am for her.Thank You Mom.

Assignment Link: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/to-my-mom/


Meet Mrs. Dean

Meet Mrs. Dean. She is my created western character. I made that her name because Dean is my last name. When creating my character, I thought about whom I would be if I lived in Western times and that’s what I based my character off of.

Mrs. Dean is a homesteader’s wife. This means that she is tough, gritty, and not afraid to get her hands dirty. She helps her husband work in the field and is equip to handle livestock, axes, and a lot of cabin labor. The cool thing about her is there is the strong side of her that isn’t afraid to do the men’s job, but once the day is over she can go back to her girly side. She can wash up, throw on an apron and cook dinner. She can be the caring motherly figure that tells her children bedtime stories.

She was raised on the frontier and that’s how she has spent her whole life. It’s the only life she knows. She had a great influence from her mother on how to handle being a wife, mother, and worker all at the same time and that’s how she turned out too.

This character reminds me of myself because I am a girly girl, who does the cliché girly things, but I play basketball and I lift weights and I am not afraid to get my hands dirty. If I grew up in the Western times I would hope to live a life of strength and feminist embracement just like Mrs. Dean and other homesteader’s wives.


Week Two!!

What a week in Digital Storytelling! I like how this class is 100% what we make it. We literally complete assignments created by other students, and we get to pick which ones we do at that. I like the freedom of it all. I didn’t realize we would have so much say in our blogs. It’s a cool concept for a class.

I also was really forced out of my comfort zone this week. I have always been good and comfortable sharing my feelings and telling stories through words and writing. Naturally, I chose the Writing Assignment category as one of my assignments, but the fact that I had to choose from other categories too made me create a story without using words. It required me to think a little more about what I needed to do to get my message across without using words.

I also realized, through each assignment, that these projects I was creating revealed a little piece of who I am in each one. I could tell that I did certain things specific ways based on a song I liked or a memory I had. They really let people see who you are.

Overall it was a good week. I am still getting used to all the different accounts and keeping up with them and linking them, but I am also exploring parts of the internet and my computer I never knew existed. I am learning a lot.

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