Week 7:)

I really enjoyed this week. I like this group project a lot. It is nice to work with other people for a change. It’s funny to put faces and names with blogs and blog posts we’ve seen for weeks.

It was cool to see all the online tools we have aquired through this course as well. It really hit me how much I have learned when my group was sitting around and bounching off ideas. We were casually talking about layering background sounds and our voices and music on Audacity like it was our job. It was really neat to see all our hardwork pay off.

In just a couple days we have come a long way, planning out our entire script, but I am thoroughly excited to see it all come together.

Assignment 1 Radio Show Progress:

Week One of Radio Show Fun

Assignment 2 Radio Show Promotion

Rodeo Radio Promo

Assignment 3 Ten Audio Assignment Stars

A is for Anonymous… Anonymous Text App That Is

Mrs. Dean Gets Her Own Radio Show!!

The Lassoing Lady Commercial

Assignment 4 : 3 Daily Creates

Daily Creates Week 7


The Lassoing Lady Commercial

I chose to create a radio commercial in honor of my character, Mrs. Dean, who is a hardworking homesteader’s wife. She not only works out in the fields with her husband, but she cooks, cleans, and knits and washes clothing in the home, because being a homesteader is an extremely self sufficient job. I created a Western Boutique as a place to treat herself. She always works so hard to support her family and she deserves to be paid back for that sometimes. Hopefully her family will hear this ad and want to splurge on her.

For my boutique, I thought of a name for my store and then I wrote out a script. I chose to play an instrumental version of Taylor Swift’s popular song “You Belong With Me.” I wanted to play this song in the background, because it is very western sounding with a little girly edge. It would really help promote my cute little boutique.

Mrs. Dean Gets Her Own Radio Show!!

My character is a loving wife and mother of three. That’s when I created  a radio bumper  for her, I made it a cooking talk show on the radio. She has collected a lot of homemade recipes through the year and she wants to share them with whoever wants to listen.

I wrote out the script on a Word document, and then I found a banjo clip on YouTube to play in the background. I pulled up Sound Cloud to record it. I read off the document while I attempted my best country accent….at least I tried right? haha

Week One of Radio Show Fun


Tonight we met in a Convergence Center conference room on campus to plan out our radio show. We constructed a detailed outline for our entire project. It is going to benefit us immensely when we begin to actually record our show.

We began the session by brainstorming an idea. Since a majority of our group is athletes, we came up with a western sports talk show to be reporting live at the scene of a rodeo. We mapped out all the pieces of our project based off the required credentials and the story we wanted to tell. Once we had the commercials, storyline, introduction, conclusion, interviews, and bumpers mapped out in the order we wanted, we then began to fill in topics for each subject. We chose where to incorporate our own characters as well as what each commercial and each commentary segment was going to be about.

Once we had all of the fill-ins mapped out. We wrote the actual script for it. We wanted to have the lines written out so that we knew what we were going to say. We bounced off of each other, creating characters, giving them names, and stories. It was an extremely productive group meeting.


Our group was supposed to meet again tonight, but due to the the tornado and flash flood weather, it was not safe for everyone to get to the Convergence Center. We are going to meet again tomorrow, but I will not be able to attend due to my basketball game (CAC Semi-finals) that is away. To make up for my absence, tonight I wrote the interveiw that will happen during our radio show and I constructed one of the commercials. We will meet up again after spring break to record the rest of the parts.

Rodeo Radio Promo

For my radio show advertisement, I chose to create a poster.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 9.27.50 AM

I wanted it to be informative, yet still pleasing and not overwhelming to the eye. I used one of my favorite designing websites, called Sketchpad 3.7, that I have used for a lot of my design assignments. It is an extremely useful resource.

On the site, I shaped a rectangle for the poster, and then I began adding text. I wanted to include the radio station name, a little catchphrase, and details about our specific radio show. Then I added a picture of a bull rider and a picture of a trophy, since our radio show event is a bull riding competition. To make the poster text and pictures connect to create an eye-catching looking poster, I matched the colors of the texts with the colors of the picture. It all combined to make my final product. It was fairly easy because I am comfortable with the software I used. It took awhile to get used to the software, but once I made a couple things on it, it got a lot easier.

A is for Anonymous… Anonymous Text App That Is

I did the assignment where you create a radio ad for a product a character in your favorite show.

One of my favorite TV shows is Pretty Little Liars. In my radio ad I advertise an app called “Can I Have Your Number?” where you can text people anonymously. If you aren’t familiar with Pretty Little Liars, there is character that goes by A. “A”, as in anonymous, blackmails a group of high school girls. A sends them texts constantly from various sources. This app would be perfect for this character, because it allows you to simply type in the texts and the numbers, press send, and your number will come up as unknown. It’s pure evil at it’s finest…. Just like A.

Week 6

Holy Design!!

Whenever I’ve thought about design, I’ve thought about the intricate steps in a drawing or the building blocks of a ceramic vase or the structures of a sculpture. I guess I didn’t put it together that a simple subway map takes, sometimes, just as long to produce and just as many design skills.

My creativity was taken to all new heights this week. I had to explore designing techniques and programs I had never worked with before. It’s a lot more difficult to Photoshop and draw on a computer software than I expected. I had to be steady and focused in order not to mess it up. It was a lot of trial and error.

Assignment #1- Reflection on Vignelli Canon

Vignelli Canon Relfection

Assignment #2-

  Design Blitz

Assignment #3-Western Reflection

Western Design Thoughts

Assignment #4-Daily Creates

Daily Creates Week 6

Assignment #5-Required Design Category Assignment

Wanted: The Bandit Queen

Assignment #6- Ten Stars

Western Wheats

Minimalist Movie Shot

Bucket List Places


Design Blitz

Here are my four pictures representing design elements!



The first is a representation of dominance. This dominance is in the size of the word faith. The quote is about allowing your faith in something to be bigger than your fear of it. The creator of this sign literally made the word faith bigger. All the words are consistantly the same size, and then faith is emphasized in really big letters. They were successful in emphasizing their point.


This is a representation of proportion. The picture of the three women’s basketball players is in the center. Then there is an equal amount of men’s basketball players and swimmers on each side.The athletes are a little off-centered, but the red blurb of information makes them look more centered.



This is a representation of balance. They are leaning on each other from both sides of the movie poster from opposite corners. It makes the visual balanced but also the actors are literally balancing on each other for support. Then the actors name are in the same sports on both sides. The balanced look makes it very pleasing to the eye.


I absolutely love this representation of color. There’s a lot of commotion that’s all in black and white, busy streets, cars, people, but all I can focus on is her outfit. It’s very retro. It reminds me of Rosie the Riveter, which is a cool flashback look. This poster wanted to make a statement by honing in on two articles of clothing, and it did that using color. It’s the best way to draw attention to what you want the audience to pay attention to. You can’t help but look at her clothes because they are the only parts of the picture with any pigmentation.


Western Design Thoughts

I noticed a lot of general themes in western movie posters. They almost all contain carton-based illustrations. I also noticed big block letters in red for a lot of the titles of the movies, perhaps to draw attention to the poster.

In the movie screenshots of the title, the titles take up the whole screen. I think this expresses the importance of visual power and dominance to the creators of these movies. The type is bold and clear and leaves no room for wondering about the premise of the movie or what the title is.

In the bullhead skull drawling’s by Georgia O’Keeffe, I thought the element of design of appropriateness from The Vingnelli Canon was relevant. It defined appropriateness in design as “borrowing something and transforming it by placing it in
a different context.” I think a bull represents fear and power and strength. The skulls are painted soft and surrounded by flowers to give off a soft delicate vibe.

I think design is so powerful, because with all these pieces of artwork you can truly have an impact. You can skillfully create things so that attention may be drawn to them. It’s a connotation that a bull is a big scary animal, but designing it in a softer light makes the audience want to know more, it draws people in. I think the movies and other artworks I researched from the West and western themes excelled in having that “eye popping” element to pull people towards it.