Bucket List Places

I made a collage using Fotor Collage Maker.I choose a four-picture layout, inserted my pictures, and inserted textboxes to each section of the collage to label each picture. Easy as that!


For my “Bucket List of Places,” for this assignment,I chose 4 places that really have nothing to do with each other but are all places of significance in the sense that I want to go to all of them someday for specific reasons.

Pink is my FAVORITE color…. so when I discovered an island with pink sand on Twitter, I thought it was the prettiest and coolest thing I had ever seen. I didn’t even know pink sand existed. A calcium carbonate from microscopic marine invertebrates is what is accredited for creating the pink pigmentation it in. I hope to this one day.

Laguna Beach was chosen because I love the beach and I have never been to the West Coast. My friend from high school goes to the school there and she raves about its beauty so I would love to take a getaway there someday.

I chose Nashville because it is the home of country music. Country is my favorite type of music and I would love to hop around town and just submerge myself in the culture… and get to wear my cowgirl boots on a normal day! Haha

My last “stop” so to speak is Venice, Italy. I haven’t done a lot of exploration in other countries and my parents said it’s magnificent. I want to do all the touristy things like eat authentic Italian food and ride in a gondola.

I hope I get to see all of these beautiful places one day. Though the oringal assignment called for places near me, I love exploring, so I have explored a lot of places near me and hardly any places far away..so I wanted to talk about other places I want to see even if they are more far fetched.

Vignelli Canon Relfection

I have never seen a booklet like this. It’s cool to see art design represented in such an array of objects. When I go to church on Sundays, I never think of the pews I am sitting in as a piece of artwork. In the booklet, pews are used to represent appropriateness, “transforming an object by placing it in a different context.” It is inspiring to take simple seating arrangements that I would never look at as art and arrange them in a symmetrical formation that is seen as beautiful. It highlights how often I miss the beauty in simple objects all around me.

It also shows me that the “supporting cast” of the artwork, aka the text, is just as important in capturing the significance of the piece. For example, on the page about syntax, an ordinary subway map is displayed. And it appears as if there is nothing more to it than that. But when you read about how each little piece (the grid, the headlines, the texts, the pictures) works together as parts of a whole to create this structurally designed masterpiece that is useful for getting around the city, you realize the value of the city map in an all new light.

When I think of art and design, I think of structures and paintings in a museum, when it’s actually all around us in real life. Ordinary objects, like newspapers and airline tickets, are specifically designed to draw an appeal that subconsciously we are drawn too, but I just never took the moment to actually think about how skillfully certain sizes and fonts of texts were selected, as well as color schemes and illustrations.


Minimalist Movie Shot

For the minimalist movie poster assignment, I had to first choose a movie for it. I chose How the Grinch Stole Christmas because it is one of my all time favorite movies.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 6.30.54 PM


I thought I could make the face of the Grinch using basic shapes as the cover. I used the same Sketch Pad website as I did for the cereal box assignment, because I had a lot of success with it on that assignment.

I drew the lines of the poster into a rectangle, and then I colored it green. I added geometric shapes, a circle for the head, triangle for the hat, half moon for the eyes, and a rectangle for the mouth. I wanted to make sure the face was able to be depicted, but also was vague enough to be what’s considered “minimal.” I think it came out well. It was challenging to be creative and keep it simple at the same time, but I think that was the point of the whole exercise.


Wanted: The Bandit Queen

I created a Most Wanted poster using a website called Glass Giant for this assignment.



I chose Belle Starr aka “The Bandit Queen” for my Wanted poster because, yah know, girl power!! But also because I found her story very interesting. She became a bandit and a robber after her husband was killed after being accused for that same very crime, robbery.

Since I found her so interesting, I uploaded her picture to the website and I typed in all the information I wanted the poster to have. I chose a layout that fit my liking and then the website generated the poster for me. After it had been generated, I could tailor it to my pleasing if there were things about it I wanted to change. The website was very helpful in constructing this piece.

Western Wheats

 This assignment was on of the most intricate pieces of work I have constructed thus far. It took a lot of trial and error to get the cereal box cover I was happy with.


Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 1.38.50 PM

I used a website called sketchpad to construct my cereal box. It is like an online drawing canvas. I drew out the lines of the rectangle box, and then I painted in the yellow for the color of the box. After that, I inserted my mascot and a picture of the wheat cereal. I wanted it to look like the cowboy was lassoing in the bowl of cereal.

I wanted to incorporate our theme of western into the assignment, that’s why I made the mascot a cowboy. I also am a big fan of alliteration so Western Wheats came to my head pretty quickly, given that Frosted Mini Wheats are my favorite cereal. I wanted it to be healthy so I added the cliché facts about calories per serving and the amount of minerals and vitamins in it. The website I used allows you to insert different textboxes and fonts, which made it convenient to put different types of information on the box.

I was pleased with the outcome of it. I think the cowboy mascot makes it memorable, because there’s nothing like that on the shelves. It’s the Best in the West! Lol!

My Dive into Week Five

Ok so, unexpectedly, audio has been my favorite week thus far!!

I love the idea that sound can have such an impact on a story, and even be the story itself!! When I made the story for my character, I was captivated by the fact that someone could learn so much about her by not seeing her or even hear her speak, but merely by the everyday sounds that surround her.

I saw it through radio and through creating my own station. I have always seen it in movies, but was made more aware of that this week. I thought the assignments really showed the influence of audio. In one of the assignments, all I did was change the background music to my favorite song and slowed down the tempo, and the song became almost unrecognizable. That is a powerful thing.

Audio is definitely my favorite category now!

Thoughts on Audio Assignment:

Audio Thoughts

Daily Creates:

Daily Creates Week 5

Audio Assignment 1:

Funny How a Melody Sounds like a Memory…

Audio Assignment 2:

Poetry Slam

Audio Assignment 3:

Mrs. Dean’s Sound Story

Brainstorming Radio Show Ideas:

Brainstorm Sesh.

Radio Bumper:

This is Kelsey Dean Reporting Live!

This is Kelsey Dean Reporting Live!

I found this assignment very entertaining.

I tried to add a subtle country twang to my speech; I did not do the country accent justice. That was the hardest part.

The rest of it was fairly easy. I played banjos while I talked, I wrote out a script, I thought of a name, and a catch phrase. I thought the catch phrase, “kick off your boots and stay awhile,” was perfect for western radio because it incorporates western themes and keeping my station on. I chose the name Wild Wild Western, because I like alliteration in name titles.



Daily Creates Week 5

Audio Thoughts

I was in awe when I actually thought about the impact of audio in a story. At first thought I felt as thought it served its purpose as background noise, but then I dove in deeper. I contemplated a bunch of things in my head until I realized how impactful sound is on a piece. Why are the scariest scenes in horror films so scary? The music, the screams, the sounds of shattering glass or tree branches, or the slamming of a door. It’s the sound that truly makes the impact.

This video I found on YouTube demonstrates the effect in which audio can have on the telling of a story.

The gurgle in the scary movie inflicts fear. The engines on the motorcycles insinuate how fast they are moving. Sounds are as important to captivate meaning as visuals are.

Even accents from characters can tell you what time period they are from, what geographic region they are form, and how educated they are. You can gather so many details from sounds. It’s incredible. Like in the western radio assignment, I didn’t even have to know it was western, I could tell by their country accents.

In “Moon Graffiti,” the sound created the entire ambiance. The eerie music in the background foreshadows something bad happening. As does the haunting monotone in the narrators voice, which is obviously the point of the story, since it’s a deathly twist on the trip to the moon.

I think it’s interesting how the choice of music can really make or break a scene in a movie or tv show. It can also tell you a lot about the story without seeing anything or even hearing people talk. It’s a powerful thing.