In Ten Years…

I chose an assignment that asked me to write about where I saw myself in ten years. Since we are doing all our assignments on our characters this week, I wrote about a version of my character’s younger self and where she saw herself in ten years.

The reason I chose for a younger version of my character to write on this topic is because I have to incorporate another character. Since my character is a homesteader’s wife, I thought it would be funny to have her as a young girl talking about a crush that she wants as a potential suitor. I chose Kris’s,a senior at UMW, character, Merrell Shale, as the lucky guy.

Week 8

This week was all about the radio show, and I loved it. Since we didn’t have a lot of other outside assignments, our group got to devote its time solely on the show. My week consisted of group meetings, commercial creating, and Audacity sound effects. Like I mentioned in week 7, I have really enjoyed the group interaction in the last couple weeks of class since this is usually a class we do on our own. It was neat to take all four of our characters, which seemed completely different at the time, and created an in-depth story that brought them all together. It felt good to put to work everything we have been learning over the semester in order to produce a pretty neat product. Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did making it!

Week 2 Radio Show Progress

Week 2 of Rodeo Radio

Daily Creates

Daily Creates Week 8

Radio Show


Week 2 of Rodeo Radio


Today we met up to record the duration of our radio show. We typed out a script for the remaining parts of the rodeo and we took turns recording our lines in Audacity. Sometimes it took a couple tries to get it just the way we wanted it, but once we did, we then layered different rodeo sound affects in the background of our talking. We also added sound effects for our fight scene. Once we had all the sounds mixed in with our own commentating, we inserted our bumpers into the desired spots. After two hours of working, I would say we had a very productive group meeting.



We met up today to put everything together. We added little blurbs where we needed to in order to make the desired time of our show. We also put in all of our commercials. For the most part, our radio show was already completed, we just wanted to meet up one last time to make sure everything was edited and sounded how we wanted it to. It was sort of like a “dress rehearsal” to get all the kinks out before we turned in our final show product. Overall, I am thrilled with how it turned out because we worked extremely hard on it.