Bucket List Places

I made a collage using Fotor Collage Maker.I choose a four-picture layout, inserted my pictures, and inserted textboxes to each section of the collage to label each picture. Easy as that!


For my “Bucket List of Places,” for this assignment,I chose 4 places that really have nothing to do with each other but are all places of significance in the sense that I want to go to all of them someday for specific reasons.

Pink is my FAVORITE color…. so when I discovered an island with pink sand on Twitter, I thought it was the prettiest and coolest thing I had ever seen. I didn’t even know pink sand existed. A calcium carbonate from microscopic marine invertebrates is what is accredited for creating the pink pigmentation it in. I hope to this one day.

Laguna Beach was chosen because I love the beach and I have never been to the West Coast. My friend from high school goes to the school there and she raves about its beauty so I would love to take a getaway there someday.

I chose Nashville because it is the home of country music. Country is my favorite type of music and I would love to hop around town and just submerge myself in the culture… and get to wear my cowgirl boots on a normal day! Haha

My last “stop” so to speak is Venice, Italy. I haven’t done a lot of exploration in other countries and my parents said it’s magnificent. I want to do all the touristy things like eat authentic Italian food and ride in a gondola.

I hope I get to see all of these beautiful places one day. Though the oringal assignment called for places near me, I love exploring, so I have explored a lot of places near me and hardly any places far away..so I wanted to talk about other places I want to see even if they are more far fetched.

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