Mrs. Dean’s Sound Story

For a reminder, my character, Mrs. Dean, is a homesteader’s wife. She works hard with her husband in their fields planting the crops, as well as caring for her kids and doing the housework. She’s quite the multi-tasker. So for this assignment, I wanted to capture the many sounds of her everyday life. (For some reason it would not embed. After an hour of trying to embed it, I had to settle with inserting the link. #21stCenturyProbs)


Sound Number 1 is cooking: After a long day of work, she is preparing dinner for the family. You can hear the stirring and boiling and the clanks of the pots and pans.

Sound Number 2 is children playing: The kids are running around in the background playing and “being kids” before dinner. One even comes up and says “mama” while she’s preparing dinner.

Sound Number 3 is the dog barking: I added a pet to complete a typical family. I think it helps adds to her strength as being a caretaker and handling everything and everyone in the chaos.

Sound Number 4 is cropping: It shows the homesteader finishing up the rest of the days work in the field while his wife prepares dinner. You can hear the shovel digging up the dirt and cropping…sounds like hard work (no pun intended).

Sound Number 5 is the laundry blowing in the wind on the clothesline: Before dinner she put the laundry out on the line to dry. You can hear the sheets and clothes flapping in the wind outside.


All the sounds combine to capture everything going on in her world and how she acts as the calm in the chaos of family and work in these western times.

2 thoughts on “Mrs. Dean’s Sound Story

  1. A soundcloud link has to be on its own line to embed. Regardless, great job on the story, it tells a pretty clear tale with only 5 sound effects, I’m pretty impressed, and everything sounds like it goes together.

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