The Lassoing Lady Commercial

I chose to create a radio commercial in honor of my character, Mrs. Dean, who is a hardworking homesteader’s wife. She not only works out in the fields with her husband, but she cooks, cleans, and knits and washes clothing in the home, because being a homesteader is an extremely self sufficient job. I created a Western Boutique as a place to treat herself. She always works so hard to support her family and she deserves to be paid back for that sometimes. Hopefully her family will hear this ad and want to splurge on her.

For my boutique, I thought of a name for my store and then I wrote out a script. I chose to play an instrumental version of Taylor Swift’s popular song “You Belong With Me.” I wanted to play this song in the background, because it is very western sounding with a little girly edge. It would really help promote my cute little boutique.

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