Lights, Camera, Action!

This week was all production. We met early in the week to discuss props, filming, and setting. After that meeting we checked out a video camera and tripod from the Convergence Center to use for filming.

Then we met next to film. We all met at the outdoor courts of the tennis center because it has a gazebo we wanted to use as a new anchor desk and it has a lot of room for filming. The filming process took about an hour and a half. It was my favorite part of the whole process. We had a lot of fun; we often had to do several takes because we were laughing and enjoying ourselves so much.

After we were done filming, it was editing time. This was the lengthy part of the whole project. We used IMovie to put it all together. We each edited and clipped different scenes, and then we added some scenes from YouTube and out voiceovers from Audacity on it. Then we added transitions and effects from IMovie. When we were finished, we then uploaded it to YouTube… and here it is:)

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