Wanted: The Bandit Queen

I created a Most Wanted poster using a website called Glass Giant for this assignment.



I chose Belle Starr aka “The Bandit Queen” for my Wanted poster because, yah know, girl power!! But also because I found her story very interesting. She became a bandit and a robber after her husband was killed after being accused for that same very crime, robbery.

Since I found her so interesting, I uploaded her picture to the website and I typed in all the information I wanted the poster to have. I chose a layout that fit my liking and then the website generated the poster for me. After it had been generated, I could tailor it to my pleasing if there were things about it I wanted to change. The website was very helpful in constructing this piece.

One thought on “Wanted: The Bandit Queen

  1. What an interesting woman! Apparently they thought the same in their time, as they published her story the year of her death. Anyway, great job on the poster, and great choice of subject matter.

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