A CAC Story for the Final Week

For my final project I told the story of the UMW Women’s basketball team’s CAC championship win, a team and win I am fortunate to be a part of. What is special about this final assignment is that I am telling the same story of that day, but through 4 different outlets: writing, audio, photography, and video.

For the writing portion I constructed a poem.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.14.07 AM

For the photography portion I constructed a collage.

A CAC Story

For the video portion I constructed a a video showcasing the score on a whiteboard. I filmed myself writing on the board, which actually took about 10 minutes, and the sped it up on iMovie, as well as some other editing stuff with color and lighting.

For the audio piece I constructed an interview of all my teammates.

This final assignment embodied the most important element I learned from the class this semester. Using technology, I told them same exact story in the same chronological order and each one is entirely different. I think that is what makes digital storytelling so special. These tools can not only be used for creative outlets, as I did for this assignment, but for marketing techniques and other things in the job force. The possibilities are truly endless which is why it will always remain so exciting. I am glad to have learned the different techniques and skills to be able to create these pieces of art.

CAC’s as told by…. Week 14..Progress Report

One of the biggest moments/ highlights of my year was winning the Capital Athletic Conference Championship as a part of the women’s basketball team here at UMW. An event I have talked about in assignments before because it was so memorable. That is why for my final project, I am going to capture its esscence by creating my team’s “CAC story” through 4 different types of media. First by picture, then by sound, then by video, then by writing.

This week was all about planning what I was going to do. I made a brainstorming list to pinpoint exactly what I wanted to do inside of each of the four categories.


For my collage (pictures), I will combine game shots and post-game shots of the whole event and present them chronologically with time stamps. This week I located and put all the pictures together an album so that they are ready to go next week when I make the collage.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 3.57.21 PM

For my interview project (Audio), I am going to tell the story through interviews of my teammates. This week I collected their finals schedule for next week so I could meet up with them during the week.

Monday: Meg, Kenz, Comer

Tuesday: Kendall, Alannah, Jordan, E, Breezi

Wednesday: Amy, E

Available Any Day: Tay, Nessy

I plan to ask each one a different question about their feelings as the game was going on. Starting with how they felt in warm ups going all the way to how they felt with a trophy in their hands.

For the writing assignment, I decided to constuct a poem to tell the story because I thoroughly enjoy writing poetry and I think it will be a unique, interesting spin on a sporting event.

Lastly I decided to create a video on a dry erase board of the scoreboard progression through the game as it changed score. This week I got a hold and downloaded the entire game film from that game onto my computer so that I can play it next to me while I change the score on the dry erase board.

Kelsey’s Closet

I througly enjoyed this assignment. I never even knew you could do this with legitamate websites. I chose the Nike website because I wear a lot of athletic clothes, pretty much everyday. This is why I renamed the Nike website Kelsey’s closet, especially since UMW is sponsored by Nike. Since I wear it a lot, I thought it was appropriate. I used X-ray goggles to create my “new” site. The site was very helpful with step by step examples

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 5.40.59 PM

My Dream Dorm

I chose the  build your dream bedroom assignmentbecause I have always wanted to create my own bedroom if I had unlimited creative control and unlimited money. Since I have to live on campus all four years because of a scholarship deal, I thought it would be fun to make a  pinterest boardbased on my dream dorm room. I am obsessed with wall décor and rustic looking furniture. That is why a lot of my posts include wooden framings and cool do-it-yourself signs and pictures to fill up my entire wall. I also like the really hipster look so I would want to add cool lights and vintage tapestries. I would want it took look put together and neat but with a more hipster, chill. Hopefully my roommate next year likes some of these ideas so we could try and make my dorm room dream a reality.

Daily Creates Week 13 takes on Poetry

Above are my three daily creates for the week. This week we had to combine them into a story.

Mine story is called “To prove my love.” It is a poem

“To Prove my Love”

By Kelsey Dean

There once was a very daper man,

who wanted the fairest lady in the land,

he spent all night and all day,

picking flower pedals away,

She loves me, she loves me not he said,

as he sat up late in his bed,

he thought of a way to win her heart,

a bold sort of daring kind of art,

he painted her name across the wall of a street,

hoping her eyes it would meet,

and then sunday came and he did it once more,

happy sunday he wrote to beat at her core,

he assumed her love he did not earn,

for she saw the drawing but it’s the artist she never learned,

he never put that idea into play,

as he sat wasting his life away,

for without her love he did not know what to do,

but little did he know she picked pedals for him too.




Mrs. Dean gets a Pinterest

I did the assignment where you create a pinterest for a character. I chose to create   my Pinterest board for my western character, Mrs. Dean, who is a homesteader’s wife. I did this by first starting a board that was just for her and then searching for different things that I think she would like. I found a lot of stuff about gardening, cooking, cleaning, western fashion, family, and even helpful homesteader tips. It is a really great visual display of her lifestyle and personality.

Which One Tree Hill Girl Are You?

I completed the Buzzfeed quiz creator assignment. I wanted to do this because I am a sucker for the buzzfeed quizzes. Every time I see them on Facebook, I can’t help but click on them. My quiz is a personality quiz to see which female character on One Tree Hill the quiz taker is most like. I chose One Tree Hill because it is my favorite show, so I know a lot about the character’s lives and personalities.

The Buzzfeed website gives step by step instructions for creating a personality quiz. I had to make an account and then click the create tab. Once it pulled up, it was all up to me. I had total creative control. I got to pick the title, the results, the pictures, and the questions. It also let me assign the different repsonses to the different characters in order to generate end quiz results.

The link to my quiz is here if you wish to take it! I took the quiz and my result was Haley James, which is ironic because my favorite character in the show is Brooke Davis!!

Looks Like It Belongs Here To Me

I completed the “This Doesn’t Belong Here” assignment for my final mash up assignment. It asked to combine two popular movies. I sort of remixed it myself a little bit in order to incorporate my character. I combined a picture of a homesteader’s wife working in the field with a puppy from the 101 Dalmations movie. I thought adding a pet to the family would make it look natural, even though the pictures are from two different sources.

I actually cropped the puppt using Word document’s photo formatting options. It made it very simple. Then I merely placed the puppy in the picture right under my character.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 3.37.31 PM


Week 12 Already?!

I liked the make up of week 12 a lot. Ever since I first heard a musical mash up on the show Glee when I was 13, I have ben a huge fan of them. It just adds a new twist to material you have already seen, which is cool. I liked the assignments involving pictures a lot because you can do so many different things with pictures. You can Photoshop them, make them into a video, add things to them, edit them, make them into a collage, etc. I thought these types of assignments were really fun, but also took a lot of focus and technique.


Friends vs Emojis Tutorial

12 Stars of Mash Ups:

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Boy Meets World: 20 Years of Love

Looks Like It Belongs Here To Me

2 Remixes

I Mustache You to Check Your Instagram

Sports Team Remix

Daily Creates

Week 12 Daily Creates!