Looks Like It Belongs Here To Me

I completed the “This Doesn’t Belong Here” assignment for my final mash up assignment. It asked to combine two popular movies. I sort of remixed it myself a little bit in order to incorporate my character. I combined a picture of a homesteader’s wife working in the field with a puppy from the 101 Dalmations movie. I thought adding a pet to the family would make it look natural, even though the pictures are from two different sources.

I actually cropped the puppt using Word document’s photo formatting options. It made it very simple. Then I merely placed the puppy in the picture right under my character.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 3.37.31 PM


I Mustache You to Check Your Instagram

For my second remix, I chose  the website title mash up. I chose to use Facebook and Instagram because those are my two favorite outlets of social media. When I remixed the assignment, my challenge was to incorporate a mustache into the picture.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 2.28.02 PM

I started the assignment by simply uploading this picture of the Instagram logo into a drawing/editing website called sketchpad.


I then covered the letters with white paint and added a textbox to change the word to Facebook. I kept the cursive looking font so that it would still match the original logo. Then I imported a picture of a mustache and placed it right below the word Facebook, almost as if the word is the face, which is punny because it is called Facebook.

Here is my final product:

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 5.12.00 PM

Sports Team Remix

For my first remix, I chose the favorite sports team mash up. I am from Charlotte, North Carolina, home of the NBA team, the Charlotte Hornets, and the NFL team, the Carolina Panthers.. so obviously I had to choose them. Plus! They are my favorite.

I remixed it and my result was to incorporate art by Jackson Pollock with my picture.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 4.24.48 PM

Below is a screenshot an array of Jackson Pollock’s pieces, so you can get an idea of what they look like.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 4.33.48 PM

Here is my final remixed product:

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 4.31.42 PM

I created this using a website called sketchpad. It allows you to draw up your own creations. I imported a picture of my two teams. I placed them in a way so it looked as if they were having a stare down. They look like they are in the perfect position to attack each other. Then I used the pen tool on sketchpad and did a bunch of scribbles to mimic Jackson Pollock’s art. I tried to choose colors that would sort of match the mascots I used. It was fun to draw a bunch of random marks and then discover that it actually looks kind of cool!

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Choosing the Mashing Friends and Emojis assignment was a no brainer, because I love using emojis… and then times that by 1000 and that’s how much I love my friends. It seemed like a fun way thing to do to get my friends involved in my assignment.

I chose the three monkey emojis, because I use those the most out of all the emojis. I use them in a lot of different situations. I use them for cute things, embarrassing/or bashful things, or the literal “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” saying that they represent. They are so versatile!

I created the mash-up using an app called BeFunky. I insterted the pictures side by side and then added the text to give it some flare. I think my friends are (almost) just as cute as the monkeys!


Boy Meets World: 20 Years of Love

For this week, the first assignment I have completed is called “A Changing Character.” In this assignment, you take your audience through the life of a TV character by mashing up pictures of them over the years and putting them all together.

I chose to do two characters from one of my favorite shows growing up, Boy Meets World. I chose these two characters, because these characters literally grew up together on the show as a couple. Their names are Cory and Topanga and they are the big love story on the show. I wanted to capture their love story through the seasons, so people watcing could see the transformation. The show started in 1993 and the characters were only 13 years old. It went all the way to year 2000, where they were in their college years.Then in 2014 a spin-off of the show was created called Girl Meets World. Girl Meets World follows the life of Cory and Topanga’s daughter, so we again get to see the evolution of their relationship. It is cool to see a TV couple grow up basically in front of my eyes for 20 years, and I thought it was special to create a video of that.

I created the video through IMovie. I found an array of images of them together on the internet and put them in chronological order. I then added title slides and transitions to add some pizazz. For the background music I chose the theme song from the first season and mashed it up with the theme song of the last season, so it kind of went along with the evolution of the show theme.