Howdy from Sam!!

Who doesn’t love a selfie? Especially with a dog. Especially with a dog in a cowboy hat.


When I first saw this assignment I expected it to be fairly simple. I would just merely pick a photo of my dog and me and plop a cowboy hat into it. It turned out to be a little more difficult. I had to cut along the outline of the hat perfectly and then properly position it onto my dog’s head. I used an Iphone app called Fotobom to construct the piece.


The dog in the photo is my dog, Sammy, and I love him very much. I think he could’ve definitely been someone’s pet in the western era. Just look at him rock that cowboy hat!! But I am sure glad he’s all mine.

Mrs. Dean’s Saddle Bag

Mrs. Dean is a homesteader’s wife, so she gets out in the field and works. Being a wife she also goes inside and becomes the “cliché” house wife at the end of the day. She is skilled in many areas and is always prepared for either role she is asked to play. This is what she carries around with her in her saddle bag, so she has the necessities at all times.


She has her easily foldable boots, chapstick, and bandanas for when she is called to work hard out in the hot sun all day. She also has cooking untensils for when she needs to whip up a meal quickly. Either role, she takes her jobs very seriously so she wants to always be prepared when a task comes her way.




My Bunch:)

I chose to do the We’re the Real Life Brady Bunch assignment, not only because I created it, but because people mentioned in their posts about it that they found the assignment much more diffucult than they had originally anticipated. I had intended it to be not super easy, but not super difficult, so I wanted to try it out myself.

I used a website called befunky that made the task a lot simpler. I merely had to crop and style my photos and title how I wanted them until I got the perfect fit.

The Basketball Baes

I named us “The Basketball Baes” because I wanted to stick with the B alliteration like in “The Brady Bunch,” but also because these are my best friends and we all play basketball together and we all call each other bae as a joke because we are together constantly.

Let’s Go to the Beach (each), Let’s Go Get Away

I loved using the website offered on the assignment page. The concept of traveling around a vacation via road map was quite neat. The assignment itself was a little time consuming, but the instrucitons on the site made the process pretty simple.It was nice to go down memory lane and remember all the different stops my family had on our little adventure. Come on this journey with us by clicking  here:)

Not Your Average Love Story

When you think of love stories you think of alters and wedding bells. Boy meets girl. Boy falls for girl. Boy and girl get married and are together forever and ever. But for some reason when I was supposed to choose a “Love at First Shot” this was the photo that came to mind. Here’s this special love story.


On October 15, 2015, they came together for the first time. It was their first basketball practice of the year. Some faces were new to the crew; some had been there for years. It was time to take on the new dynamic. Everyone had to learn the plays, learn their place, but most importantly learn each other.

They spent every moment together to accomplish this because they all shared a common goal, to be the best. Through countless hours of literal blood, sweat, and tears they came together. Through countless hours of dinner dates and movie nights they came together. Through countless hours of study hall and tutoring sessions they came together.

After all this hard work, this team came together. It wasn’t always perfect. They lost some games. They had to adjust some of their ways and open up to new things. Ultimately, the definitely won more than they lost, and not just on the basketball court, though they were very successful there.

They won because they had 12 other best friends, sisters, teammates. It was such a special bond. It was true love. 12 people to have your back no matter what, 12 people to dance with, 12 people to talk to, 12 people to road trip with, 12 people to go into battle with and12 people to go through every inch of life with, good or bad.

And isn’t that what love is all about?


Assignment Link:



My Humble Abode



What was once blank walls and furniture, an empty on-campus apartment room, is now my home away from home and has been for a semester now.


I used a simple IPhone app called LiveCollage to construct a four-picture collage that showcased my living space for my visual assignment ( The app allowed me to take each picture separately, edit it separately, and size it separately, in order to properly place the picture in its corner of the collage. Then I picked a blue border to highlight the separation of the simple parts.

Creating and displaying this collage meant a lot to me because where I live, to me, is much more than just a room I sleep in. I take a lot of pride in decorating my room because it’s basically a representation of who I am. I have pictures of my closest family members and friends, I have my favorite quotes and celebrities hanging on my wall, I have an orange themed bed set because that is my favorite color. My space is one big showcase of who I am and who I am is important to me. I think it also correlates with digital storytelling. In digital storytelling you have access to this thing called “technology,” in which you get to create and post things of your choosing. A blog is like a blank canvas that you get to decorate to show parts of who you are, which is exactly how I see my living space.