My Dream Dorm

I chose the  build your dream bedroom assignmentbecause I have always wanted to create my own bedroom if I had unlimited creative control and unlimited money. Since I have to live on campus all four years because of a scholarship deal, I thought it would be fun to make a  pinterest boardbased on my dream dorm room. I am obsessed with wall décor and rustic looking furniture. That is why a lot of my posts include wooden framings and cool do-it-yourself signs and pictures to fill up my entire wall. I also like the really hipster look so I would want to add cool lights and vintage tapestries. I would want it took look put together and neat but with a more hipster, chill. Hopefully my roommate next year likes some of these ideas so we could try and make my dorm room dream a reality.

Mrs. Dean gets a Pinterest

I did the assignment where you create a pinterest for a character. I chose to create   my Pinterest board for my western character, Mrs. Dean, who is a homesteader’s wife. I did this by first starting a board that was just for her and then searching for different things that I think she would like. I found a lot of stuff about gardening, cooking, cleaning, western fashion, family, and even helpful homesteader tips. It is a really great visual display of her lifestyle and personality.

Which One Tree Hill Girl Are You?

I completed the Buzzfeed quiz creator assignment. I wanted to do this because I am a sucker for the buzzfeed quizzes. Every time I see them on Facebook, I can’t help but click on them. My quiz is a personality quiz to see which female character on One Tree Hill the quiz taker is most like. I chose One Tree Hill because it is my favorite show, so I know a lot about the character’s lives and personalities.

The Buzzfeed website gives step by step instructions for creating a personality quiz. I had to make an account and then click the create tab. Once it pulled up, it was all up to me. I had total creative control. I got to pick the title, the results, the pictures, and the questions. It also let me assign the different repsonses to the different characters in order to generate end quiz results.

The link to my quiz is here if you wish to take it! I took the quiz and my result was Haley James, which is ironic because my favorite character in the show is Brooke Davis!!