Meet Mrs. Dean

Meet Mrs. Dean. She is my created western character. I made that her name because Dean is my last name. When creating my character, I thought about whom I would be if I lived in Western times and that’s what I based my character off of.

Mrs. Dean is a homesteader’s wife. This means that she is tough, gritty, and not afraid to get her hands dirty. She helps her husband work in the field and is equip to handle livestock, axes, and a lot of cabin labor. The cool thing about her is there is the strong side of her that isn’t afraid to do the men’s job, but once the day is over she can go back to her girly side. She can wash up, throw on an apron and cook dinner. She can be the caring motherly figure that tells her children bedtime stories.

She was raised on the frontier and that’s how she has spent her whole life. It’s the only life she knows. She had a great influence from her mother on how to handle being a wife, mother, and worker all at the same time and that’s how she turned out too.

This character reminds me of myself because I am a girly girl, who does the cliché girly things, but I play basketball and I lift weights and I am not afraid to get my hands dirty. If I grew up in the Western times I would hope to live a life of strength and feminist embracement just like Mrs. Dean and other homesteader’s wives.


Thoughts on Western

When I think of Western as a genre, I think of all the clichés. I think of the cowboys and the Indians. I think of outlaws and bandits riding horseback, shooting guns up in the air. I think of the Wild Wild West and little towns on ranches and in deserted areas. I think of cowboy hats, spurs, boots, and the word yeehaw, basically a real life version of Woody from Toy Story.

When I viewed the links on the Week One: Bootcamp page, I realized that a lot of the works revolve around this same idea, but with their own twists of creativity, depending on the time period and genre of the work.

I think I want to do that very thing in this course. I want to stick with these clichés, but find ways to put my own spin on these clichés. I am interested to see how I can combine ordinary blogs, videos, tweets, etc. with Western influences. I think it will be a fun challenge.