CAC’s as told by…. Week 14..Progress Report

One of the biggest moments/ highlights of my year was winning the Capital Athletic Conference Championship as a part of the women’s basketball team here at UMW. An event I have talked about in assignments before because it was so memorable. That is why for my final project, I am going to capture its esscence by creating my team’s “CAC story” through 4 different types of media. First by picture, then by sound, then by video, then by writing.

This week was all about planning what I was going to do. I made a brainstorming list to pinpoint exactly what I wanted to do inside of each of the four categories.


For my collage (pictures), I will combine game shots and post-game shots of the whole event and present them chronologically with time stamps. This week I located and put all the pictures together an album so that they are ready to go next week when I make the collage.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 3.57.21 PM

For my interview project (Audio), I am going to tell the story through interviews of my teammates. This week I collected their finals schedule for next week so I could meet up with them during the week.

Monday: Meg, Kenz, Comer

Tuesday: Kendall, Alannah, Jordan, E, Breezi

Wednesday: Amy, E

Available Any Day: Tay, Nessy

I plan to ask each one a different question about their feelings as the game was going on. Starting with how they felt in warm ups going all the way to how they felt with a trophy in their hands.

For the writing assignment, I decided to constuct a poem to tell the story because I thoroughly enjoy writing poetry and I think it will be a unique, interesting spin on a sporting event.

Lastly I decided to create a video on a dry erase board of the scoreboard progression through the game as it changed score. This week I got a hold and downloaded the entire game film from that game onto my computer so that I can play it next to me while I change the score on the dry erase board.

Week 12 Already?!

I liked the make up of week 12 a lot. Ever since I first heard a musical mash up on the show Glee when I was 13, I have ben a huge fan of them. It just adds a new twist to material you have already seen, which is cool. I liked the assignments involving pictures a lot because you can do so many different things with pictures. You can Photoshop them, make them into a video, add things to them, edit them, make them into a collage, etc. I thought these types of assignments were really fun, but also took a lot of focus and technique.


Friends vs Emojis Tutorial

12 Stars of Mash Ups:

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Boy Meets World: 20 Years of Love

Looks Like It Belongs Here To Me

2 Remixes

I Mustache You to Check Your Instagram

Sports Team Remix

Daily Creates

Week 12 Daily Creates!




Week 10

I love the video assignments!!! Even before I took Digital Storytelling, one of my favorite hobbies was to construct videos of my friends and I and make little movies on IMovie. It was fun to get the chance to do that again this week through the video assignments. I was also excited to see the group projects again. I really enjoyed the group interactions from the radio assignment, and I am glad we could get back together for the video. Though studying good video techniques and different effects in movies isn’t as interactive, it still offered good tips to take into account when creating my own video. Overall, this was a fun filled video week!

Daily Creates:

Week 10 Daily Creates

Video Assignment:

My Favorite Thing To Do

Group Video Planning:

Rodeo Radio takes the Big Screen

Video Essay:

Movie Essay

A Mighty Fine Week 9!!

This week was very relaxing after two hectic weeks of radio show madness!! I thought the collaboration of our different characters was very interesting and at times difficult. I had to really get my creative juices flowing to think of how to incorporate other people’s characters with the assignments given. I found the writing assignments to be the best way for me to do that, so I could write about the other characters stories and my own characters story and tie them together. Two out of the three assignments I did were from the writing assignment bank.

I also enjoyed hearing other people’s work from the last couple of weeks. I liked that they were played on the ds106 western radio site, so that everyone’s work could be showcased. It was cool to hear all the different unique twists everyone had that made theirs special compared to all the others.

All in all, this week wasn’t very busy, which was good because it allowed me to take time to perfect the assignments we did have as much as I could. It also allowed for a lot of time to look and comment on other people’s work from the last few weeks, which I think is important since we put so much time into our modules.

Radio Listen Reflection:

Radio Reflection

Collaborate Characters-Ten Stars:

Dear Tallie

In Ten Years…

Mrs. Dean’s Childhood

Daily Creates

Daily Creates Week 9:)

Week 8

This week was all about the radio show, and I loved it. Since we didn’t have a lot of other outside assignments, our group got to devote its time solely on the show. My week consisted of group meetings, commercial creating, and Audacity sound effects. Like I mentioned in week 7, I have really enjoyed the group interaction in the last couple weeks of class since this is usually a class we do on our own. It was neat to take all four of our characters, which seemed completely different at the time, and created an in-depth story that brought them all together. It felt good to put to work everything we have been learning over the semester in order to produce a pretty neat product. Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did making it!

Week 2 Radio Show Progress

Week 2 of Rodeo Radio

Daily Creates

Daily Creates Week 8

Radio Show


Week 7:)

I really enjoyed this week. I like this group project a lot. It is nice to work with other people for a change. It’s funny to put faces and names with blogs and blog posts we’ve seen for weeks.

It was cool to see all the online tools we have aquired through this course as well. It really hit me how much I have learned when my group was sitting around and bounching off ideas. We were casually talking about layering background sounds and our voices and music on Audacity like it was our job. It was really neat to see all our hardwork pay off.

In just a couple days we have come a long way, planning out our entire script, but I am thoroughly excited to see it all come together.

Assignment 1 Radio Show Progress:

Week One of Radio Show Fun

Assignment 2 Radio Show Promotion

Rodeo Radio Promo

Assignment 3 Ten Audio Assignment Stars

A is for Anonymous… Anonymous Text App That Is

Mrs. Dean Gets Her Own Radio Show!!

The Lassoing Lady Commercial

Assignment 4 : 3 Daily Creates

Daily Creates Week 7


Week 6

Holy Design!!

Whenever I’ve thought about design, I’ve thought about the intricate steps in a drawing or the building blocks of a ceramic vase or the structures of a sculpture. I guess I didn’t put it together that a simple subway map takes, sometimes, just as long to produce and just as many design skills.

My creativity was taken to all new heights this week. I had to explore designing techniques and programs I had never worked with before. It’s a lot more difficult to Photoshop and draw on a computer software than I expected. I had to be steady and focused in order not to mess it up. It was a lot of trial and error.

Assignment #1- Reflection on Vignelli Canon

Vignelli Canon Relfection

Assignment #2-

  Design Blitz

Assignment #3-Western Reflection

Western Design Thoughts

Assignment #4-Daily Creates

Daily Creates Week 6

Assignment #5-Required Design Category Assignment

Wanted: The Bandit Queen

Assignment #6- Ten Stars

Western Wheats

Minimalist Movie Shot

Bucket List Places


My Dive into Week Five

Ok so, unexpectedly, audio has been my favorite week thus far!!

I love the idea that sound can have such an impact on a story, and even be the story itself!! When I made the story for my character, I was captivated by the fact that someone could learn so much about her by not seeing her or even hear her speak, but merely by the everyday sounds that surround her.

I saw it through radio and through creating my own station. I have always seen it in movies, but was made more aware of that this week. I thought the assignments really showed the influence of audio. In one of the assignments, all I did was change the background music to my favorite song and slowed down the tempo, and the song became almost unrecognizable. That is a powerful thing.

Audio is definitely my favorite category now!

Thoughts on Audio Assignment:

Audio Thoughts

Daily Creates:

Daily Creates Week 5

Audio Assignment 1:

Funny How a Melody Sounds like a Memory…

Audio Assignment 2:

Poetry Slam

Audio Assignment 3:

Mrs. Dean’s Sound Story

Brainstorming Radio Show Ideas:

Brainstorm Sesh.

Radio Bumper:

This is Kelsey Dean Reporting Live!