What Week 4 had in store!

Thank goodness!! Getting used to all these different social media outlets and how to use them has been VERY overwhelming. I finally feel like I know what I am doing now and I have it under control. I can finally breathe.

I really enjoyed the photoblitz activity. It was really light hearted and yet still allowed for a lot of creativity because you had to come up with the ideas on the spot and not all the things were immediately accessible so I had to come up with other ways to capture the same idea.

I also learned a lot about photography, when I thought I knew a lot already. I learned how a certain angle could change the whole perspective on a piece. Little things some people might not ever think of make all the difference in how a photo is portrayed.

I am glad I am on the photo team because I feel like I can experience the most growth in this area.

Assignment 1:

A photo doesn’t make you a photographer.

Assignment 2:

Stagecoach gets reflected.

Assignment 3:

Mrs. Dean’s Saddle Bag

Not Your Average Love Story

My Bunch:)

Howdy from Sam!!

Let’s Go to the Beach (each), Let’s Go Get Away

Assignment 4:

Daily Creates Week 4

Assignment 5:

Let the 20 Minute Countdown Begin


Week 3…Check

This week was a lot of writing!!! It felt like I had my own personal blog! I got to write about my own personal experiences and memories, as well as explore my creative side and this theme as I wrote about the Western culture topics.

I also justified my thoughts on Western culture by reading up about the different lingo and characters from that time period. It made me feel like I had submerged myself in a Western novel. Then I actually did put myself in the theme by creating myself as a Western character.

Though it was a lot of writing, it covered a lot of different topics so it didn’t get monotonous. I hope that next week I get to explore some other creative outlets more. But overall, another good week!!

Western Reading Post:

Learning about Western

Story Shape Post:

Story Shape

Created Character Post:

Meet Mrs. Dean

Writing Assignment:

Dear Mom

Kelsey Goes Western

A Blog Poem on a Blog

Move Ins, Memories, and Missing Home

Daily Creates:

Daily Creates Week 3


Week Two!!

What a week in Digital Storytelling! I like how this class is 100% what we make it. We literally complete assignments created by other students, and we get to pick which ones we do at that. I like the freedom of it all. I didn’t realize we would have so much say in our blogs. It’s a cool concept for a class.

I also was really forced out of my comfort zone this week. I have always been good and comfortable sharing my feelings and telling stories through words and writing. Naturally, I chose the Writing Assignment category as one of my assignments, but the fact that I had to choose from other categories too made me create a story without using words. It required me to think a little more about what I needed to do to get my message across without using words.

I also realized, through each assignment, that these projects I was creating revealed a little piece of who I am in each one. I could tell that I did certain things specific ways based on a song I liked or a memory I had. They really let people see who you are.

Overall it was a good week. I am still getting used to all the different accounts and keeping up with them and linking them, but I am also exploring parts of the internet and my computer I never knew existed. I am learning a lot.

3 Assignments:

Cause I got a blank space baby… & I’ll write your lyrics

To myself at 17.

My Humble Abode

Daily Creates:

My Created Assignment:



Week One

What a week in social media!! First and foremost, I learned a lot about the immense possibilities the digital world has to offer. By merely having to make an introduction of myself showed me all the different outlets I can use just to say Hello, I’m Kelsey. Whether that is via text, sound, imagery, or video. I learned that I never fully grasped the array of accounts and sources one can use to express their creativity.

I found setting up everything quite simple. Directions and guidelines were easily accessible and easy to follow. The layout of editing the blog was harder to figure out than I expected. There are a lot of icons and tabs that serve for different editing purposes, but after a couple posts I have begun to get the hang of it. The amount of tabs I had up at one time drove me crazy. When I was making my YouTube video, I had IMovie up, and then I had to upload it to YouTube, which took 30 min, and then I had to go back to the blog to add it. With all the social media sites up for all my accounts, it was a lot of back and forth. I really enjoyed the creative aspect of all of it. It was fun to think of different ways I could show different sides of myself.

As far as the theme of Western goes, I like it. I have never really submerged myself in Western culture, though I have seen the movie The Lone Ranger. I am excited to explore this world since I am a little unfamiliar with the digital works that have made this idea of “Western” come alive.

Thoughts on Western: http://kelsatumw.com/Blog/uncategorized/thoughts-on-western/

Social Media Intros: http://kelsatumw.com/Blog/uncategorized/flickr-intro/