Daily Creates Week 13 takes on Poetry

Above are my three daily creates for the week. This week we had to combine them into a story.

Mine story is called “To prove my love.” It is a poem

“To Prove my Love”

By Kelsey Dean

There once was a very daper man,

who wanted the fairest lady in the land,

he spent all night and all day,

picking flower pedals away,

She loves me, she loves me not he said,

as he sat up late in his bed,

he thought of a way to win her heart,

a bold sort of daring kind of art,

he painted her name across the wall of a street,

hoping her eyes it would meet,

and then sunday came and he did it once more,

happy sunday he wrote to beat at her core,

he assumed her love he did not earn,

for she saw the drawing but it’s the artist she never learned,

he never put that idea into play,

as he sat wasting his life away,

for without her love he did not know what to do,

but little did he know she picked pedals for him too.




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