Rodeo Radio takes the Big Screen

So Rodeo Radio is back for round 2!!! For the group video assignment, our same group got back together to create a movie spin off of our radio show. We planned our video via Google docs this week and made a schedule to meet up next week to film our movie.

We thoroughly enjoyed our concept of Rodeo Radio, so we wanted to bring it back to life. We have begun to construct a script based on the shooting incident that involved all of our characters in the radio show. We now want to act that out in a movie. We are going to have the same setting and situation as in our radio show, but now our characters will have a voice. The radio talk show hosts conducted our whole radio show and you only ever hear from my character, Mrs. Dean, in an interview. Now we are going to focus more on the story of the robbery and not the actual rodeo, so it should be fun to take a different perspective on the same exact story.


Week 10

I love the video assignments!!! Even before I took Digital Storytelling, one of my favorite hobbies was to construct videos of my friends and I and make little movies on IMovie. It was fun to get the chance to do that again this week through the video assignments. I was also excited to see the group projects again. I really enjoyed the group interactions from the radio assignment, and I am glad we could get back together for the video. Though studying good video techniques and different effects in movies isn’t as interactive, it still offered good tips to take into account when creating my own video. Overall, this was a fun filled video week!

Daily Creates:

Week 10 Daily Creates

Video Assignment:

My Favorite Thing To Do

Group Video Planning:

Rodeo Radio takes the Big Screen

Video Essay:

Movie Essay

My Favorite Thing To Do

  My favorite thing  to do is play basketball. It has gotten me a lot of places and is even the reason I am at the University of Mary Washington. I have created a video to showcase my love for this wonderful sport.

I created this video using IMovie. I was not able to save our basketball game film to my computer so I recorded videos of it and saved those to my computer. Then I imported those, along with a bunch of pictures and videos I had, onto IMovie. I then inserted the song, “I Lived” because I think you can really realate that song to sports. Once I cut down the song to match the length of my video, I moved pictures around and cropped them to fit with the words in the song. It is a long process and you have to be very particular, but IMovie has a lot of tools to help you create your video. I love using that software for this kind of assignment.

In my video, I included serveral different things to showcase my affection towards the game. I included some video clips of me actually playing. There is nothing like playing on game day. It gets me so hyped to be on the court and see all my team and my’s hardwork pay off. I also included still action shots that show me playing in the games as well. I love basketball becuase it not only teaches you a lot of life lessons, but it is just fun. It is also fun to build relationships and chemistry with your team. That is why my video includes pictures/videos with my teammates. They are my best friends. They are my family. The relationships I have made through basketball is one of the most special and irreplacable things about it, so of course that had to be a big part of my video too. Hope you enjoy:)

Mrs. Dean’s Childhood

I chose to complete the assignment on my character’s childhood.

I decided to do this assignment after I found, ironically, another Kelsey’s, from our class, character. Her character is a horse. It instantly made me think of pets and how influential pets can be on a child’s life. In result, I decided to make her character,Tripp, my character’s pet. I loved the creativity in making her character an animal. It is very unqiue compared to eveyone else’s in the class and I wanted to acknowlege that.

For some reason I could not get it so embed so here it is!!

When my character, Mrs. Dean, was young she was a tomboy. She loved to get her hands dirty and she loved to play outside with her brothers. Her mom owned a ranch so she was passionate about animals and she always dreamed of having a horse to call her very own.

When she was about nine, she was playing out in the woods and she heard noises from across the way. She made her way to a wooden fence… and there she was… a beautiful thoroughbred Morgan horse (Mrs. Dean really knew her horses). An old man in a cowboy hat was brushing her mane as she drank water from a galloon tub. She looked majestic in a way Mrs. Dean had never seen, but she also looked sad and lonely. Little did she know the horse was sad because she was separated from her family when she was born. Mrs. Dean fearlessly ran up to the man and asked about the horse. The man allowed her to pet it and said that her name was Tripp because she was awfully clumsy. That made Mrs. Dean giggle. She said, “I’ve always wanted a horse of my own.”

The old man said, “how about I make you a deal? If you come clean and feed her when you have time, I’ll let her be your pet and you can come see her whenever you want.” She was thrilled.

Everyday she came and washed and fed Tripp just as she was told, she even got to sattle her up and ride her sometimes. Over the course of the years, they became friends, best friends, and even family. They had a special bound and Mrs. Dean loved her very much. Tripp was there for the good times and bad and Mrs. Dean would run to see her every time she was going through something. It was her place of refuge.

Though when Mrs. Dean grew older and had a family of her own she had to move away from Tripp, she still cherishes her as an irreplaceable memory and tells their stories to her children, to encourage them to make a friendship of a lifetime too. She says there’s nothing else that can compare to it.

A Mighty Fine Week 9!!

This week was very relaxing after two hectic weeks of radio show madness!! I thought the collaboration of our different characters was very interesting and at times difficult. I had to really get my creative juices flowing to think of how to incorporate other people’s characters with the assignments given. I found the writing assignments to be the best way for me to do that, so I could write about the other characters stories and my own characters story and tie them together. Two out of the three assignments I did were from the writing assignment bank.

I also enjoyed hearing other people’s work from the last couple of weeks. I liked that they were played on the ds106 western radio site, so that everyone’s work could be showcased. It was cool to hear all the different unique twists everyone had that made theirs special compared to all the others.

All in all, this week wasn’t very busy, which was good because it allowed me to take time to perfect the assignments we did have as much as I could. It also allowed for a lot of time to look and comment on other people’s work from the last few weeks, which I think is important since we put so much time into our modules.

Radio Listen Reflection:

Radio Reflection

Collaborate Characters-Ten Stars:

Dear Tallie

In Ten Years…

Mrs. Dean’s Childhood

Daily Creates

Daily Creates Week 9:)

Radio Reflection

I chose to reflect on Wednesday’s western show, Tombcast radio. I thought Josh, James, and Mason did a great job. Their musical selections, bumpers, and commercials kept me very engaged. I thought they were hilarious and entertaining. My favorite commercial was the siren for horses. I thought it was clever, well written, well spoken, and that it contained good audio placement. I also loved that you had the song “Wild Wild West” by Will Smith in one of your commercials. I don’t know what it is about that song that I like, but it makes me laugh and makes me want to dance. Ha!

On your actual radio show content, I liked how you guys took a different spin on inputting your characters. A lot of the other shows put their characters in one giant story and you guys told individual stories about each one, which was a cool way to mix it up, also the cyborgs? Lol! I think some sound effects in the actual radio show could’ve spiced it up a bit, but all in all it was great show! Nicely done!

In Ten Years…

I chose an assignment that asked me to write about where I saw myself in ten years. Since we are doing all our assignments on our characters this week, I wrote about a version of my character’s younger self and where she saw herself in ten years.

The reason I chose for a younger version of my character to write on this topic is because I have to incorporate another character. Since my character is a homesteader’s wife, I thought it would be funny to have her as a young girl talking about a crush that she wants as a potential suitor. I chose Kris’s,a senior at UMW, character, Merrell Shale, as the lucky guy.