Week One of Radio Show Fun


Tonight we met in a Convergence Center conference room on campus to plan out our radio show. We constructed a detailed outline for our entire project. It is going to benefit us immensely when we begin to actually record our show.

We began the session by brainstorming an idea. Since a majority of our group is athletes, we came up with a western sports talk show to be reporting live at the scene of a rodeo. We mapped out all the pieces of our project based off the required credentials and the story we wanted to tell. Once we had the commercials, storyline, introduction, conclusion, interviews, and bumpers mapped out in the order we wanted, we then began to fill in topics for each subject. We chose where to incorporate our own characters as well as what each commercial and each commentary segment was going to be about.

Once we had all of the fill-ins mapped out. We wrote the actual script for it. We wanted to have the lines written out so that we knew what we were going to say. We bounced off of each other, creating characters, giving them names, and stories. It was an extremely productive group meeting.


Our group was supposed to meet again tonight, but due to the the tornado and flash flood weather, it was not safe for everyone to get to the Convergence Center. We are going to meet again tomorrow, but I will not be able to attend due to my basketball game (CAC Semi-finals) that is away. To make up for my absence, tonight I wrote the interveiw that will happen during our radio show and I constructed one of the commercials. We will meet up again after spring break to record the rest of the parts.

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