The Lassoing Lady Commercial

I chose to create a radio commercial in honor of my character, Mrs. Dean, who is a hardworking homesteader’s wife. She not only works out in the fields with her husband, but she cooks, cleans, and knits and washes clothing in the home, because being a homesteader is an extremely self sufficient job. I created a Western Boutique as a place to treat herself. She always works so hard to support her family and she deserves to be paid back for that sometimes. Hopefully her family will hear this ad and want to splurge on her.

For my boutique, I thought of a name for my store and then I wrote out a script. I chose to play an instrumental version of Taylor Swift’s popular song “You Belong With Me.” I wanted to play this song in the background, because it is very western sounding with a little girly edge. It would really help promote my cute little boutique.

Mrs. Dean Gets Her Own Radio Show!!

My character is a loving wife and mother of three. That’s when I created  a radio bumper  for her, I made it a cooking talk show on the radio. She has collected a lot of homemade recipes through the year and she wants to share them with whoever wants to listen.

I wrote out the script on a Word document, and then I found a banjo clip on YouTube to play in the background. I pulled up Sound Cloud to record it. I read off the document while I attempted my best country accent….at least I tried right? haha

This is Kelsey Dean Reporting Live!

I found this assignment very entertaining.

I tried to add a subtle country twang to my speech; I did not do the country accent justice. That was the hardest part.

The rest of it was fairly easy. I played banjos while I talked, I wrote out a script, I thought of a name, and a catch phrase. I thought the catch phrase, “kick off your boots and stay awhile,” was perfect for western radio because it incorporates western themes and keeping my station on. I chose the name Wild Wild Western, because I like alliteration in name titles.



Mrs. Dean’s Sound Story

For a reminder, my character, Mrs. Dean, is a homesteader’s wife. She works hard with her husband in their fields planting the crops, as well as caring for her kids and doing the housework. She’s quite the multi-tasker. So for this assignment, I wanted to capture the many sounds of her everyday life. (For some reason it would not embed. After an hour of trying to embed it, I had to settle with inserting the link. #21stCenturyProbs)


Sound Number 1 is cooking: After a long day of work, she is preparing dinner for the family. You can hear the stirring and boiling and the clanks of the pots and pans.

Sound Number 2 is children playing: The kids are running around in the background playing and “being kids” before dinner. One even comes up and says “mama” while she’s preparing dinner.

Sound Number 3 is the dog barking: I added a pet to complete a typical family. I think it helps adds to her strength as being a caretaker and handling everything and everyone in the chaos.

Sound Number 4 is cropping: It shows the homesteader finishing up the rest of the days work in the field while his wife prepares dinner. You can hear the shovel digging up the dirt and cropping…sounds like hard work (no pun intended).

Sound Number 5 is the laundry blowing in the wind on the clothesline: Before dinner she put the laundry out on the line to dry. You can hear the sheets and clothes flapping in the wind outside.


All the sounds combine to capture everything going on in her world and how she acts as the calm in the chaos of family and work in these western times.

Funny How a Melody Sounds like a Memory…

Lol so the title is from the song “Springsteen” by Eric Church…not the song I chose to do for this assignment, but it makes for an applicable blog post title since it is about a song that triggers a memory.

Taylor Swift’s song “fifteen” is a song that I associate with a funny, awkward yet meaningful time in my life. A time called high school. My reasoning behind it is explained on my sound cloud post below.

I found this assignment fairly simple. I found it helpful to get my thoughts together prior to the recording, so I wouldn’t forget key parts of the story. I also wanted to embed the song at different times, which required a little bit of rehearsing.