Mrs. Dean Gets Her Own Radio Show!!

My character is a loving wife and mother of three. That’s when I created  a radio bumper  for her, I made it a cooking talk show on the radio. She has collected a lot of homemade recipes through the year and she wants to share them with whoever wants to listen.

I wrote out the script on a Word document, and then I found a banjo clip on YouTube to play in the background. I pulled up Sound Cloud to record it. I read off the document while I attempted my best country accent….at least I tried right? haha

This is Kelsey Dean Reporting Live!

I found this assignment very entertaining.

I tried to add a subtle country twang to my speech; I did not do the country accent justice. That was the hardest part.

The rest of it was fairly easy. I played banjos while I talked, I wrote out a script, I thought of a name, and a catch phrase. I thought the catch phrase, “kick off your boots and stay awhile,” was perfect for western radio because it incorporates western themes and keeping my station on. I chose the name Wild Wild Western, because I like alliteration in name titles.