Stagecoach gets reflected.

I watched the movie Stagecoach to construct my cinematography reflection. Being a part of a 21st century generation, I am exposed to intense color and high definition when I watch movies. That’s why it may make me a little bias when analyzing a movie that came out in 1939.

Since the movie is entirely in black and white, there was no real structure with a lot of the important photography points in the article, Becoming Better Photographers, or if there was it was hard to depict. It’s difficult to pinpoint lighting techniques and contrasts with black and white besides darker figures and lighter figures. These aspects aren’t really chosen, it just depends on the actual pigmentation of the thing being filmed. The foreground/background was very dull and blurry and didn’t allow you to hone in or focus on a particular object in the shot. The scenes themselves weren’t exrememly powerful and emotion packed to me picture wise. It was the plot of the story with them traveling on a warpath that sold it. The storyline and what the characters said set it up for me better than the actual picture.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 12.03.02 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 12.05.56 PM

I think the close ups on the characters showcased the deepest emotion in me. It offered a change of perspective as well as some extra depth. Seeing the characters faces so close up helps get a feel of their emotion by being able to analyze the lines in their face and the intensity of lack of in their eyes.

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While it seems I was judgmental of this piece, it’s all about perspective. For me this movie didn’t stick out as strong in the cinematography department but this movie came out in 1939!! The first movie ever created came out in the 1890’s, not long before this movie. The first movie with sound didn’t come out until 1927, so to even make this movie was a huge accomplishment in itself. I think the reason I was so “harsh” is because we are more technologically advanced now and we can do so many more different things with it then they could then. I think the advancement of technology plays a huge role in how much emotion and imagery you can create.