A photo doesn’t make you a photographer.

I take pictures like it’s nobody’s business. I am one of those people that take pictures at every event. I document everything. Collages of photos of my family and friends consume my dorm room wall.

That’s why when I received the email that I was on the “photo team” I was thrilled. I already take photos of everything anyway. What I soon realized is that taking a lot of photos doesn’t make me a photographer. I am able to recognize bad lighting and other factors easily accessible, but I never thought of the contrast between lights and the subjects in my photos, balancing the subjects out, using different lenses (I usually just use my Phone), and several other key factors that take a photo to the next level.

Giving myself the benefit of the doubt, I have always just taken pictures for fun and not taken them to convey a message or put a new perspective on things. With that being said, I have a lot to learn about taking intricate photos for this class. I am excited to hopefully develop this skill during the semester, to make someone look at an image and not just look but feel.

After reviewing the resources, I again have a lot to learn. I like how in the video, Jason Eskenazi talked about how photos have a grammar and a language too and that they can tell a powerful story. I think it opened my eyes to the fact that a photo can tell just as much information about a story as a written account of it can. I think my best tactic to adding this wow factor to my pictures is learning how to work with an actual camera, adjusting lenses, zooming in, zooming out, and all the other cool tricks they can do that I don’t even know because I always just use my Phone.