My Favorite Thing To Do

  My favorite thing  to do is play basketball. It has gotten me a lot of places and is even the reason I am at the University of Mary Washington. I have created a video to showcase my love for this wonderful sport.

I created this video using IMovie. I was not able to save our basketball game film to my computer so I recorded videos of it and saved those to my computer. Then I imported those, along with a bunch of pictures and videos I had, onto IMovie. I then inserted the song, “I Lived” because I think you can really realate that song to sports. Once I cut down the song to match the length of my video, I moved pictures around and cropped them to fit with the words in the song. It is a long process and you have to be very particular, but IMovie has a lot of tools to help you create your video. I love using that software for this kind of assignment.

In my video, I included serveral different things to showcase my affection towards the game. I included some video clips of me actually playing. There is nothing like playing on game day. It gets me so hyped to be on the court and see all my team and my’s hardwork pay off. I also included still action shots that show me playing in the games as well. I love basketball becuase it not only teaches you a lot of life lessons, but it is just fun. It is also fun to build relationships and chemistry with your team. That is why my video includes pictures/videos with my teammates. They are my best friends. They are my family. The relationships I have made through basketball is one of the most special and irreplacable things about it, so of course that had to be a big part of my video too. Hope you enjoy:)

Cause I got a blank space baby… & I’ll write your lyrics

Taylor Swift is my ALL TIME FAVORITE artist. That is why when I saw the assignment for a lyric video, (, I immediately had the perfect plan. I decided to create a lyric video to one of her latest and most popular hits, “Blank Space.” It is also one of my personal favorites to jam in the car to, and based on its success on the ITunes charts, I knew other people would enjoy the video too. It’s a good representation of how digital storytelling can bring people together with common interests.

I used IMovie to construct my video. The creating process was a lot more difficult than I had anticipated. I had to constantly play five second snip-its of the song over and over again to make sure the words on the screen perfectly matched up with the words on the audio. I found lyric images online that were really artistic and I enjoyed adding them to the video. I also put a lot of pictures in the background of my own created transitions and slides. I experimented a bunch of different ways to construct the video and I used them all when I felt necessary to do so. Overall I was very satisfied with the product and I have also had “Blank Space” stuck in my head for the last two days, but I am definitely not complaining about that.