Rodeo Radio takes the Big Screen

So Rodeo Radio is back for round 2!!! For the group video assignment, our same group got back together to create a movie spin off of our radio show. We planned our video via Google docs this week and made a schedule to meet up next week to film our movie.

We thoroughly enjoyed our concept of Rodeo Radio, so we wanted to bring it back to life. We have begun to construct a script based on the shooting incident that involved all of our characters in the radio show. We now want to act that out in a movie. We are going to have the same setting and situation as in our radio show, but now our characters will have a voice. The radio talk show hosts conducted our whole radio show and you only ever hear from my character, Mrs. Dean, in an interview. Now we are going to focus more on the story of the robbery and not the actual rodeo, so it should be fun to take a different perspective on the same exact story.