Mrs. Dean’s Childhood

I chose to complete the assignment on my character’s childhood.

I decided to do this assignment after I found, ironically, another Kelsey’s, from our class, character. Her character is a horse. It instantly made me think of pets and how influential pets can be on a child’s life. In result, I decided to make her character,Tripp, my character’s pet. I loved the creativity in making her character an animal. It is very unqiue compared to eveyone else’s in the class and I wanted to acknowlege that.

For some reason I could not get it so embed so here it is!!

When my character, Mrs. Dean, was young she was a tomboy. She loved to get her hands dirty and she loved to play outside with her brothers. Her mom owned a ranch so she was passionate about animals and she always dreamed of having a horse to call her very own.

When she was about nine, she was playing out in the woods and she heard noises from across the way. She made her way to a wooden fence… and there she was… a beautiful thoroughbred Morgan horse (Mrs. Dean really knew her horses). An old man in a cowboy hat was brushing her mane as she drank water from a galloon tub. She looked majestic in a way Mrs. Dean had never seen, but she also looked sad and lonely. Little did she know the horse was sad because she was separated from her family when she was born. Mrs. Dean fearlessly ran up to the man and asked about the horse. The man allowed her to pet it and said that her name was Tripp because she was awfully clumsy. That made Mrs. Dean giggle. She said, “I’ve always wanted a horse of my own.”

The old man said, “how about I make you a deal? If you come clean and feed her when you have time, I’ll let her be your pet and you can come see her whenever you want.” She was thrilled.

Everyday she came and washed and fed Tripp just as she was told, she even got to sattle her up and ride her sometimes. Over the course of the years, they became friends, best friends, and even family. They had a special bound and Mrs. Dean loved her very much. Tripp was there for the good times and bad and Mrs. Dean would run to see her every time she was going through something. It was her place of refuge.

Though when Mrs. Dean grew older and had a family of her own she had to move away from Tripp, she still cherishes her as an irreplaceable memory and tells their stories to her children, to encourage them to make a friendship of a lifetime too. She says there’s nothing else that can compare to it.

In Ten Years…

I chose an assignment that asked me to write about where I saw myself in ten years. Since we are doing all our assignments on our characters this week, I wrote about a version of my character’s younger self and where she saw herself in ten years.

The reason I chose for a younger version of my character to write on this topic is because I have to incorporate another character. Since my character is a homesteader’s wife, I thought it would be funny to have her as a young girl talking about a crush that she wants as a potential suitor. I chose Kris’s,a senior at UMW, character, Merrell Shale, as the lucky guy.

Move Ins, Memories, and Missing Home

Move-In Day is such a monumental part of the college process. It’s the first day of one of the biggest changes/adjustments in your life and I think a lot of people handle this experience differently. In result, a lot of unique memories and stories are created from this experience. I think its entertaining to see the good, the bad, the ugly of move-in day, because most everyone can relate but most everyone can come away with their own special story from it as well.

For me, moving into college was exciting. I was beyond ready to go and I couldn’t wait to unpack all my stuff and set up my living space. It wasn’t until a not- so special conversation, or so it seemed at the time, with my dad that I realized how much I was truly going to miss home. In this post, I wanted to capture that mome

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A Blog Poem on a Blog

The dynamic of this assignment enthused me. First and foremost, I LOVE poetry. I love to play with rhyming and patterns within it. This blog is designed to showcase my talents and my identity so I wanted to create an informative piece about my blog to show my creativity and also give insight on how I have chosen to set up my site. It means a lot to me to have a space to explore my creativity so it’s a cool assignment to give the space itself some love.

I constructed the poem so that the rhyme scheme was AA, BB, and CC. Every two lines rhymed with each other. I included all the physical aspects of my blog in it. I included its theme; it’s title, and its colors. Then I read it aloud and posted it onto Sound Cloud. Sound Cloud offers a more creative outlet for the poem as opposed to just reading it off of a word document.

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Kelsey Goes Western

When I saw the assignment for an acrostic poem, I wanted to make it my Western incorporated piece based on the sole reason that I love alliteration in poetry. With my name starting with a K, I immediately thought of Kelsey the Cowgirl, and I wanted to make that my identity for this section particularly.

I appreciated that the assignment called us to upload our poem as a picture on Flickr. It reminded me that there are so many outlets to share my creations. While I knew that, I didn’t realize I could type my poem in a word document and then turn it into a picture. Not only can I create different media outlets but I can intertwine them to deliver my message. It’s a constant learning process. So here is a piece of that process for me. My acrostic poem, “Kelsey the Cowgirl.”

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 11.10.53 PM

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Dear Mom

I chose this writing assignment because as soon as I read the options for this week I immediately thought about how I never thank my mom enough for all that she does. I knew I had to write her. I also knew that there aren’t enough words in the world to show an appreciation for what moms do on a regular basis. So I thought I might as well make it interesting. I wanted to write her a poem to make it a little zestier than a normal thank you letter.

I basically started it off as a normal letter and then put the poem at the end. The poem is called Thank You. I actually sent it to her last night. She was very grateful, but not as grateful as I am for her.Thank You Mom.

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To myself at 17.

The first question of the assigment on asks, is there anything specific you would tell your younger self? I immediately went in my head to April of my junior year of high school. It was an instant flashback. And I knew that is exactly what I wanted to write about. I wanted to tell a story of the dos and donts to the downfall of a high school relationship through a creative outlet, which is the whole point of digital storytelling. It was a moment in my life that changed me forever and I wanted to showcase that.I wanted to write something beneficial to other girls going through the same thing. I wanted to write a letter To myself at age 17.

I basically brainstormed everything I did wrong in handling my high school break up and wrote it down on paper as if I could tell myself at 17 all the advice, but in the process I also realized that I would have never learned all the ways to properly carry myself  in these situations had I not gone through this. I thought this activity was about writing what I learned from this break up and yet the actitvity in actuality taught me that the break up shaped me into a better person. It was a cool learning experience.