Mrs. Dean’s Childhood

I chose to complete the assignment on my character’s childhood.

I decided to do this assignment after I found, ironically, another Kelsey’s, from our class, character. Her character is a horse. It instantly made me think of pets and how influential pets can be on a child’s life. In result, I decided to make her character,Tripp, my character’s pet. I loved the creativity in making her character an animal. It is very unqiue compared to eveyone else’s in the class and I wanted to acknowlege that.

For some reason I could not get it so embed so here it is!!

When my character, Mrs. Dean, was young she was a tomboy. She loved to get her hands dirty and she loved to play outside with her brothers. Her mom owned a ranch so she was passionate about animals and she always dreamed of having a horse to call her very own.

When she was about nine, she was playing out in the woods and she heard noises from across the way. She made her way to a wooden fence… and there she was… a beautiful thoroughbred Morgan horse (Mrs. Dean really knew her horses). An old man in a cowboy hat was brushing her mane as she drank water from a galloon tub. She looked majestic in a way Mrs. Dean had never seen, but she also looked sad and lonely. Little did she know the horse was sad because she was separated from her family when she was born. Mrs. Dean fearlessly ran up to the man and asked about the horse. The man allowed her to pet it and said that her name was Tripp because she was awfully clumsy. That made Mrs. Dean giggle. She said, “I’ve always wanted a horse of my own.”

The old man said, “how about I make you a deal? If you come clean and feed her when you have time, I’ll let her be your pet and you can come see her whenever you want.” She was thrilled.

Everyday she came and washed and fed Tripp just as she was told, she even got to sattle her up and ride her sometimes. Over the course of the years, they became friends, best friends, and even family. They had a special bound and Mrs. Dean loved her very much. Tripp was there for the good times and bad and Mrs. Dean would run to see her every time she was going through something. It was her place of refuge.

Though when Mrs. Dean grew older and had a family of her own she had to move away from Tripp, she still cherishes her as an irreplaceable memory and tells their stories to her children, to encourage them to make a friendship of a lifetime too. She says there’s nothing else that can compare to it.