Audio Thoughts

I was in awe when I actually thought about the impact of audio in a story. At first thought I felt as thought it served its purpose as background noise, but then I dove in deeper. I contemplated a bunch of things in my head until I realized how impactful sound is on a piece. Why are the scariest scenes in horror films so scary? The music, the screams, the sounds of shattering glass or tree branches, or the slamming of a door. It’s the sound that truly makes the impact.

This video I found on YouTube demonstrates the effect in which audio can have on the telling of a story.

The gurgle in the scary movie inflicts fear. The engines on the motorcycles insinuate how fast they are moving. Sounds are as important to captivate meaning as visuals are.

Even accents from characters can tell you what time period they are from, what geographic region they are form, and how educated they are. You can gather so many details from sounds. It’s incredible. Like in the western radio assignment, I didn’t even have to know it was western, I could tell by their country accents.

In “Moon Graffiti,” the sound created the entire ambiance. The eerie music in the background foreshadows something bad happening. As does the haunting monotone in the narrators voice, which is obviously the point of the story, since it’s a deathly twist on the trip to the moon.

I think it’s interesting how the choice of music can really make or break a scene in a movie or tv show. It can also tell you a lot about the story without seeing anything or even hearing people talk. It’s a powerful thing.


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