Brainstorm Sesh.

Hmmmmm brainstorming ideas?!?!

I don’t really have set in stone what I want to do yet, but I do have some ideas.

  • My first idea is to construct a radio talk show on western couture and fashion. I could talk about the latest hot brand of cowboy boots and the coolest style of cowboy hats, and all the popular looks for cowgirls and cowboys, and an array of different characters.
  • When I think of western culture I often go down the route of country and country music. That’s why my second idea is all things country music. Who’s dating whom in country entertainment? Who is coming out with a new album? I’ll do the latest news in country music.
  • My last idea is like a food show filled with recipes!! Since my character is a homesteader’s wife, I could be her on the talk show and share homemade recipes for southern food like cornbread. I can research western culture foods and saloon drink recipes.

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