Design Blitz

Here are my four pictures representing design elements!



The first is a representation of dominance. This dominance is in the size of the word faith. The quote is about allowing your faith in something to be bigger than your fear of it. The creator of this sign literally made the word faith bigger. All the words are consistantly the same size, and then faith is emphasized in really big letters. They were successful in emphasizing their point.


This is a representation of proportion. The picture of the three women’s basketball players is in the center. Then there is an equal amount of men’s basketball players and swimmers on each side.The athletes are a little off-centered, but the red blurb of information makes them look more centered.



This is a representation of balance. They are leaning on each other from both sides of the movie poster from opposite corners. It makes the visual balanced but also the actors are literally balancing on each other for support. Then the actors name are in the same sports on both sides. The balanced look makes it very pleasing to the eye.


I absolutely love this representation of color. There’s a lot of commotion that’s all in black and white, busy streets, cars, people, but all I can focus on is her outfit. It’s very retro. It reminds me of Rosie the Riveter, which is a cool flashback look. This poster wanted to make a statement by honing in on two articles of clothing, and it did that using color. It’s the best way to draw attention to what you want the audience to pay attention to. You can’t help but look at her clothes because they are the only parts of the picture with any pigmentation.


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