Western Design Thoughts

I noticed a lot of general themes in western movie posters. They almost all contain carton-based illustrations. I also noticed big block letters in red for a lot of the titles of the movies, perhaps to draw attention to the poster.

In the movie screenshots of the title, the titles take up the whole screen. I think this expresses the importance of visual power and dominance to the creators of these movies. The type is bold and clear and leaves no room for wondering about the premise of the movie or what the title is.

In the bullhead skull drawling’s by Georgia O’Keeffe, I thought the element of design of appropriateness from The Vingnelli Canon was relevant. It defined appropriateness in design as “borrowing something and transforming it by placing it in
a different context.” I think a bull represents fear and power and strength. The skulls are painted soft and surrounded by flowers to give off a soft delicate vibe.

I think design is so powerful, because with all these pieces of artwork you can truly have an impact. You can skillfully create things so that attention may be drawn to them. It’s a connotation that a bull is a big scary animal, but designing it in a softer light makes the audience want to know more, it draws people in. I think the movies and other artworks I researched from the West and western themes excelled in having that “eye popping” element to pull people towards it.

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