Movie Essay

Instead of analyzing a particular scene, I decided to analyze the trailer for the movie Django Unchained .A trailer has to contain the perfect photo angles, edits, and effects because this could make or break the amount of tickets sold for the movie. It highlights the importance of constructing a great trailer.

The trailer tends to capture a lot of wide shots at the beginning of the slaves traveling across acres of land. It sets the general stage for what the audience is about to see. It then zooms in on each slave in the line. When it gets to Jamie Foxx’s character it switches camera angle three times. It signifies Foxx as a main character. It’s important to ignite emotion during a trailer to keep people interested so it goes back and forth between a conversation between Django (Jamie Foxx) and Dr. King Shultz (Christoph Waltz) and other scenes from the movie. It shows that the movie is going to revolve around their relationship. Also seeing them up close and person after seeing the zoomed out scenes allows the audience to continue to be reminded of the emotions I their face.

I also really liked the use of a gunshot as a transition. Every time someone shot a gun in transitioned to another scene as the bullet went across the scene. It keeps the audience engaged even though there is a lot of shuffling across different parts of the movie.

Overall, I liked how the lighting and transitions from zoomed in to zoomed out stayed consistent. It is very appealing for the viewer. If I had not seen the movie, it would interest me enough to want to see it.

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