A Mighty Fine Week 9!!

This week was very relaxing after two hectic weeks of radio show madness!! I thought the collaboration of our different characters was very interesting and at times difficult. I had to really get my creative juices flowing to think of how to incorporate other people’s characters with the assignments given. I found the writing assignments to be the best way for me to do that, so I could write about the other characters stories and my own characters story and tie them together. Two out of the three assignments I did were from the writing assignment bank.

I also enjoyed hearing other people’s work from the last couple of weeks. I liked that they were played on the ds106 western radio site, so that everyone’s work could be showcased. It was cool to hear all the different unique twists everyone had that made theirs special compared to all the others.

All in all, this week wasn’t very busy, which was good because it allowed me to take time to perfect the assignments we did have as much as I could. It also allowed for a lot of time to look and comment on other people’s work from the last few weeks, which I think is important since we put so much time into our modules.

Radio Listen Reflection:

Radio Reflection

Collaborate Characters-Ten Stars:

Dear Tallie

In Ten Years…

Mrs. Dean’s Childhood

Daily Creates

Daily Creates Week 9:)

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