CAC’s as told by…. Week 14..Progress Report

One of the biggest moments/ highlights of my year was winning the Capital Athletic Conference Championship as a part of the women’s basketball team here at UMW. An event I have talked about in assignments before because it was so memorable. That is why for my final project, I am going to capture its esscence by creating my team’s “CAC story” through 4 different types of media. First by picture, then by sound, then by video, then by writing.

This week was all about planning what I was going to do. I made a brainstorming list to pinpoint exactly what I wanted to do inside of each of the four categories.


For my collage (pictures), I will combine game shots and post-game shots of the whole event and present them chronologically with time stamps. This week I located and put all the pictures together an album so that they are ready to go next week when I make the collage.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 3.57.21 PM

For my interview project (Audio), I am going to tell the story through interviews of my teammates. This week I collected their finals schedule for next week so I could meet up with them during the week.

Monday: Meg, Kenz, Comer

Tuesday: Kendall, Alannah, Jordan, E, Breezi

Wednesday: Amy, E

Available Any Day: Tay, Nessy

I plan to ask each one a different question about their feelings as the game was going on. Starting with how they felt in warm ups going all the way to how they felt with a trophy in their hands.

For the writing assignment, I decided to constuct a poem to tell the story because I thoroughly enjoy writing poetry and I think it will be a unique, interesting spin on a sporting event.

Lastly I decided to create a video on a dry erase board of the scoreboard progression through the game as it changed score. This week I got a hold and downloaded the entire game film from that game onto my computer so that I can play it next to me while I change the score on the dry erase board.

3 thoughts on “CAC’s as told by…. Week 14..Progress Report

  1. I really like this idea, and how you’ve decided to immortalize on the web a story important to your heart. Seems like you have a clear handle on the situation, just wanted to let you know that it’s a really cool idea.

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