My Dive into Week Five

Ok so, unexpectedly, audio has been my favorite week thus far!!

I love the idea that sound can have such an impact on a story, and even be the story itself!! When I made the story for my character, I was captivated by the fact that someone could learn so much about her by not seeing her or even hear her speak, but merely by the everyday sounds that surround her.

I saw it through radio and through creating my own station. I have always seen it in movies, but was made more aware of that this week. I thought the assignments really showed the influence of audio. In one of the assignments, all I did was change the background music to my favorite song and slowed down the tempo, and the song became almost unrecognizable. That is a powerful thing.

Audio is definitely my favorite category now!

Thoughts on Audio Assignment:

Audio Thoughts

Daily Creates:

Daily Creates Week 5

Audio Assignment 1:

Funny How a Melody Sounds like a Memory…

Audio Assignment 2:

Poetry Slam

Audio Assignment 3:

Mrs. Dean’s Sound Story

Brainstorming Radio Show Ideas:

Brainstorm Sesh.

Radio Bumper:

This is Kelsey Dean Reporting Live!

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