Week 12 Already?!

I liked the make up of week 12 a lot. Ever since I first heard a musical mash up on the show Glee when I was 13, I have ben a huge fan of them. It just adds a new twist to material you have already seen, which is cool. I liked the assignments involving pictures a lot because you can do so many different things with pictures. You can Photoshop them, make them into a video, add things to them, edit them, make them into a collage, etc. I thought these types of assignments were really fun, but also took a lot of focus and technique.


Friends vs Emojis Tutorial

12 Stars of Mash Ups:

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Boy Meets World: 20 Years of Love

Looks Like It Belongs Here To Me

2 Remixes

I Mustache You to Check Your Instagram

Sports Team Remix

Daily Creates

Week 12 Daily Creates!




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