Week 6

Holy Design!!

Whenever I’ve thought about design, I’ve thought about the intricate steps in a drawing or the building blocks of a ceramic vase or the structures of a sculpture. I guess I didn’t put it together that a simple subway map takes, sometimes, just as long to produce and just as many design skills.

My creativity was taken to all new heights this week. I had to explore designing techniques and programs I had never worked with before. It’s a lot more difficult to Photoshop and draw on a computer software than I expected. I had to be steady and focused in order not to mess it up. It was a lot of trial and error.

Assignment #1- Reflection on Vignelli Canon

Vignelli Canon Relfection

Assignment #2-

  Design Blitz

Assignment #3-Western Reflection

Western Design Thoughts

Assignment #4-Daily Creates

Daily Creates Week 6

Assignment #5-Required Design Category Assignment

Wanted: The Bandit Queen

Assignment #6- Ten Stars

Western Wheats

Minimalist Movie Shot

Bucket List Places


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