Week 7:)

I really enjoyed this week. I like this group project a lot. It is nice to work with other people for a change. It’s funny to put faces and names with blogs and blog posts we’ve seen for weeks.

It was cool to see all the online tools we have aquired through this course as well. It really hit me how much I have learned when my group was sitting around and bounching off ideas. We were casually talking about layering background sounds and our voices and music on Audacity like it was our job. It was really neat to see all our hardwork pay off.

In just a couple days we have come a long way, planning out our entire script, but I am thoroughly excited to see it all come together.

Assignment 1 Radio Show Progress:

Week One of Radio Show Fun

Assignment 2 Radio Show Promotion

Rodeo Radio Promo

Assignment 3 Ten Audio Assignment Stars

A is for Anonymous… Anonymous Text App That Is

Mrs. Dean Gets Her Own Radio Show!!

The Lassoing Lady Commercial

Assignment 4 : 3 Daily Creates

Daily Creates Week 7


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