Week 8

This week was all about the radio show, and I loved it. Since we didn’t have a lot of other outside assignments, our group got to devote its time solely on the show. My week consisted of group meetings, commercial creating, and Audacity sound effects. Like I mentioned in week 7, I have really enjoyed the group interaction in the last couple weeks of class since this is usually a class we do on our own. It was neat to take all four of our characters, which seemed completely different at the time, and created an in-depth story that brought them all together. It felt good to put to work everything we have been learning over the semester in order to produce a pretty neat product. Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did making it!

Week 2 Radio Show Progress

Week 2 of Rodeo Radio

Daily Creates

Daily Creates Week 8

Radio Show


One thought on “Week 8

  1. I can wait to hear everyone’s shows! It’s amazing what you can come up with when you have so many different influences in one place.

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